The Thames: Taking on Fuel at Penton Hook Marina


At Penton Hook Marina, getting access to the road tanker meant squeezing into a tight space.

Wanderlust has two 1200 L fuel tanks, one for red diesel and one for white.  As a result stops to take on fuel are infrequent. Indeed, for the first time since our launch last September we chose to add fuel to the tanks. It sounds more impressive than it really is as we were away from the barge for six months. Nevertheless taking on fuel will be an uncommon event for us.


The Thames: Dorchester-on-Thames


The sun sets along the river at Dorchester-on-Thame

A short ways from the Thames, Dorchester has loads of history. Long ago the Romans occupied the area but they were by no means the first to live near this bend in the river. Today the town is dominated by it’s interesting abbey. For us a not quite convenient mooring on the bank was a good place to spend the night. Gigi always likes place with nice large green fields just off the deck.  A happy dog is a happy barge.  Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: What Size?

Wanderlust takes on water at Cleeve Lock.

Wanderlust takes on water at Cleeve Lock.

A while back I started a series of posts that described our barge buying experience. The intent was to share some of what were learned in process that led us to Wanderlust with those contemplating a similar path. Along the way life’s distractions set in and the articles languished amongst the long list of things to do. With this post, I continue the story of Wanderlust. Hopefully the gap to the next segment will not be as long! Continue reading

The Thames: Boveney Lock

Boveney Lock

Boveney Lock

I admit to having a fascination with locks. The concept is simple. By coordinating the movement of water into and out of a chamber held between two gates a boat can be lifted unnaturally uphill. It is a modest feat of hydraulic engineering. In practice a lock cycle passes the same way time. Each boat starts and ends in calm water. In between a torrent enters or leaves the lock bringing a boat to the next level. The repetitive cycle should get old but somehow it doesn’t. Continue reading

The Thames: Abingdon


Abingdon presents well from the Thames.

Abingdon presents well from the Thames.

Leaving Cleeve Lock near Goring we pushed upstream against the Thames’ current until we reached the historic market town of Abingdon. Abingdon claims to be the oldest continuously occupied town in Britain, an assertion that is difficult to dispute. Today the town is popular with tourists and boaters. And like our prior stop at Cleeve Lock, Abingdon has a place in modern music history. The band Radiohead formed when studying at Abingdon School. Continue reading