Wanderlust Sticky


Wanderlust achieves light speed.

This is the story of Wanderlust, a replica Dutch-style barge built by Piper Boats LTD in 2013.   To make navigation of this website easier, the topic categories (click Continue reading) can be used to pull up the relevant posts. There are more categories at the very bottom of each page.

The Build: Posts about the building process and the decisions that were made.  If you are considering having a barge built look here for the upsides and downsides having a barge built by Piper Boats.

The Troubles:  Wanderlust has had more that it’s share of problems.  You can find out more about the issues and what has been done about them in this link.

The Thames: Cruising with Wanderlust on England’s River Thames

The Crossing: Taking Wanderlust across the English Channel

Barge Life: Information about living on a barge

Routes through France:

Calais to Auxerre, our first season in France, including:

 Canal de Calais, Grand Gabarit, Canal de St. Quentin, Canal de l’Oise à l’Aisne, Canal lateral à l’Aisne, Canal de l’Aisne à la Marne, River Marne and the Canal lateral à la Marne, River Seine, River Yonne

The 2015 Season, Auxerre to Strasbourg and back the long-ish way

Check the Categories section at the bottom of the page for more seasons and waterways.

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Sticky

  1. Dear Becky and Dave,
    After a recent small ship cruise on the Seine, and others, our feelings for entering the barge life in Europe have re-kindled. We are probably a few years away from big decision time. But, your wonderful blog has encouraged us to really step up our game and start learning in earnest. Just a couple of questions for now. First, did you have any previous boating experience? My wife hasn’t had much, but I grew up boating in and around the Channel Islands of Southern California, and up until a few years ago lived for about 8 years aboard a wood 70′ classic Tugboat built in 1915 on Lake Union in Seattle. It was more of a “project” than a cruiser.
    Second, my wife may be able to work aboard part time if a reasonable internet connection is available. Can your Oyster Satellite system capable of internet data and/or cable tv.

    We have joined the DBA and are learning and planning and gathering information.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your travels
    Thank you
    Eric and Jody
    Seattle WA

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