The Marne: Tunnel de Chalifert

Wanderlust achieves light speed inside the Tunnel de Chalifert.

Wanderlust achieves light speed inside the Tunnel de Chalifert.

Boats traveling the River Marne between Meaux and Lagny-sur-Marne take a short underground passage, the 300 m long Tunnel de Chalifert. This was our fifth tunnel of our journey to Burgundy. The maps showed that there would be one more tunnel ahead.

When traveling on a river, a tunnel is unexpected; navigable rivers don’t usually just go under hills without human intervention. In this case the French engineers did intervene and the Canal de Chalifert, finished in 1846, was built to bypass a wide bend in the Marne. While most of the Marne’s water takes the long way around, boats navigate this manmade short cut. At the end of the bypass, to return boats to the river, two locks and a short tunnel, the Tunnel de Chalifert, were built.


3 thoughts on “The Marne: Tunnel de Chalifert

  1. Hey guys , love your blog, you are living my dream but my time is coming in a couple of years. My question is ” Have you developed checklists for the various scenarios that you encounter in your travels ? For instance, a checklist for preparing Wanderlust for transit through a tunnel or for entry into a lock ?

    • Thanks.

      No checklists but there are a few things we do before entering a tunnel like dropping the rear deck cover and illuminating the tunnel light. Nothing particular for locks just the standard start of the day checks that aren’t much different to starting a car.

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