Houards Lock

Fenik's deck signals the skipper.

Feniks’ deckhand signals the skipper.

Buying wine at a lock is an odd concept.  It is a little like being offered a selection of premium microbrews by the toll taker as you pass through a tollbooth on a motorway. Nevertheless you can do just that at the Houards Lock on the Canal Latéral à la Loire. The éclusiers at the Houards run a side business selling wine from the famous nearby appellations Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Buying wine at Écluse Houards is popular. The hotel barge Fenik followed us into the lock. Between the crew and the guests, several cases of wine were quickly purchased. Not a surprise as the wine is good and prices are right. The most expensive bottle was under $10 US.

(Wanderlust passed through Écluse Houards on the 17th of May 2015.)

Feniks' skipper purchases a few cases at Houards Lock.

Feniks’ skipper purchases a few cases at Houards Lock.

New purchases on board, Feniks's leaves the lock.

New purchases on board, Feniks leaves the lock.


Moored for lunch

Moored for lunch

2 thoughts on “Houards Lock

  1. David Nuce to follow your blog. Guess it’s tough remembering all that detail but I imagine you use your journal as reference. The story of your travels cheers up the winter months in northern Europe and reminds us how we loved the Loire valley. We’re returning this coming season to include Paris and Briare Rally. Enjoy your winter. Maybe see you again on our travels. Diana and Chris ESME.

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