Boats moored at Port Royal

Boats moored at Port Royal

Once we moved off the Canal du Centre and onto the River Saône we needed to plan for overnight moorings. On a canal we can reliably find adequate places for the night on abandoned commercial quays or, in a pinch, on the lock laybys. On rivers in France, moorings with shore access for Gigi are more widely spaced and are mostly limited to established quays and the occasional pleasure craft ports.

Sometimes we arrive at a planned river mooring and find that there are no places available. It’s always good to have a back-up plan for the night in case the first option is not available. It’s also good, if at all possible, to call ahead to the capitaine of a port de plaisance ahead and arrange for a space. This is what we did before we arrived in Auxonne.

The Church of Notre-Dame

The Church of Notre-Dame

Port Royal, the marina in Auxonne, was established in 2011. Indeed, the port is so new that it doesn’t appear in our navigational program’s maps or even Google Maps. Yet despite being off the map, Auxonne has quickly become a popular place for barges and cruiser boats to over winter. A modern port, in an attractive commune, with an efficient capitaine, there’s certainly much to recommend Port Royal.

(Wanderlust arrived in Auxonne on the 15th of June 2015 and spent two nights. Auxonne is 20 kilometers and one lock from St. Jean-de-Losne.)

Auxonne's city hall

Auxonne’s city hall

Becky explores Auxonnes defensive walls.

Becky explores Auxonne’s defensive walls.

Port Royal is off the map

Port Royal is off the map



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