Canal de Bourgogne: Ancy-le-Franc to Ravières

Calm waters in Ravières

Calm waters in Ravières

In Ancy-le-Franc, on the morning of the 28th of July, I turned the key on the dash to start Wanderlust’s main engine. The engine came to life with a rumble. After a week of struggles, we could finally continue on our way along the canal.

The Canal de Bourgogne is infamous for the number of locks, 189. As we climbed from Migennes the frequency of the locks had increased. Near Ancy the canal’s route snakes between low hills and for now the locks came every two kilometers on the average. It would not stay this casual. We were on the verge of one of the most lock intensive segments of the French waterways. Indeed, between Ancy-le-Franc and the false flat near Pont Royal, there are 64 locks in 56 kilometers.

A lock opens to allow Wanderlust in.

A lock opens to allow Wanderlust in.

After a short cruise we stopped for the night in Ravières. Ravières is an attractive enough commune that is worthy of some exploration. But we wouldn’t stay there long. Our season had been riddled with delays. We were itching to move.


Between Ancy-le-Franc and Ravières there are 9 kilometers of canal with 5 locks. Wanderlust’s engine ran 2.8 engine hours.

For a map of the route click here

Reflections in Ravières

Reflections in Ravières

The French do like their flowers.

The French do like their flowers.


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