Canal de Bourgogne: Pont d’Ouche to la Brussiere-sur-Ouche

Wanderlust in la Bussière

In our opinion the most attractive segments of the Canal de Bourgogne bracket the waterway’s summit pond. It is not unusual for canals to wind and climb as they work their way to the highest point. Though the climbing or descending usually comes with numerous locks, the appeal of the hilly terrain rewards the work. And so it is on the Bourgogne.

From Pont d’Ouche Wanderlust traveled seven kilometers and six locks before she ended her day near La Brussiere-sur-Ouche. At the start of the day stopping in la Brussiere wasn’t the plan. But when we discovered the town had a good restaurant we couldn’t resist stopping.

L’Abbaye de la Bussière

The port facilities in la Brussiere-sur-Ouche are newly improved. Unfortunately at the time of our visit, in August of 2016, the utilities had not yet been turned on. Without services, la Brussiere is a good place to stop. It will be even better and more popular once the power and water are on.


On this segment Wanderlust’s engine ran for 3.6 hours.

To pull up a map of this segment please click here.

Working through one of the many locks

A pause for lunch

Bronze cattle rest at l’Abbaye de la Bussière.

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