France: Mirabelles

We first discovered the pleasure of mirabelles when a lady walking along the Marne-Rhine Canal chucked a handful of these plum-like fruit at Wanderlust as we slowly cruised past. Usually being the target of a fruit thrower is not a good thing; throwing fruit is a form of booing after all. But in this case, the lady just wanted to share with us the beautiful mirabelles that she had just picked off of a tree on the side of the canal.

The mirabelles in the Dijon market love Nancy France, the former capitol of the Duchy of Lorraine.

Ever since being the target of madame the fruit thrower we’ve had a thing for mirabelles. Though they look like plumbs and have a similar texture they taste different. Indeed at first we weren’t even sure that mirabelles were even plumbs at all. Good mirabelles are less sweet than the typical plumb. The flavor has a distinct floral component, maybe best described as a hint of rose that distinguishes them from plumbs and other stone fruit.

Mirabelles are a specialty of the Lorraine. But as they come into season, the fruit makes it way to the nearby regions. We found the batch in the picture at the market in Dijon in the Burgundy region. They were good. But so far we haven’t found mirabelles that rivals the handful slung at Wanderlust as we cruised down the canal in Lorraine.

Ready to eat


I’m catching up on my posts.  This one was written after the 2016 cruising season.

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