Canal de Bourgogne: Dijon, Mustard turns High Tech at the Teletech Campus

The Teletech Campus, near Dijon

On the way to the port in Dijon we saw this building alongside the canal. We quickly dubbed it the “QR Code” building from its outward appearance. And indeed, when we came back to take a closer look, we saw that the building it does in fact have QR or Quick Response codes on its facade. Check for yourself using an app on your phone.

The QR code on the canal-side building links to a web page that told us that the to the building is the Teletech Campus. With further research we learned that this building was originally Amora’s Dijon mustard laboratory. These days Dijon mustard is no longer made in Dijon. Thus the Amora lab building became available for Teletech.

Gigi enjoys shore leave

The QR code on the building links to the website.

It is not just mustard manufacturing that has moved out of Dijon. Around 80% of the mustard seeds for Dijon mustard now come from Canada. It may come as a dissapointment to some but Dijon mustard is not really from Dijon any more.


This post is from our 2016 cruising season.

Crocodile rock along the canal near the Teletech Campus on the way into Dijon.

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