Canal du Rhône au Rhin: Saint Jean de Losne to Ranchot and Back

The start of the 2017 cruising season had Wanderlust hanging near the river port town of Saint Jean de Losne France. Follow-up surveys, necessitated by the builder’s surveyor’s report, were needed unless the builder had a sudden change of heart, … Continue reading

The Saône: First Lock of the Season

Wanderlust enters the Auxonne lock, her first of the 2017 season

The first and last locks of the season are notable events. Wanderlust’s first lock passage in 2017 came on April 13th as she passed through the Auxonne lock on the River Saône. As locks go, this is an easy one, it’s much wider that normal for a Freycinet length lock. The tricky part is waiting for the lock to open. There’s an eddy on the lock approach. It makes things mildly interesting when you are breaking off the off seasoning helming rust. Continue reading

The Table of Issues

Wanderlust cruises the River Rhone.

For most readers this entry will certainly rank as one of the driest and least interesting posts on Barge Wanderlust. Indeed, for regular readers looking to get a glimpse of Wanderlust’s travels, I’d suggest you that you skip on to the next entry. Then again, if you suffer from insomnia, this might well be your cure. Continue reading

The Winter of Our Discontent

Wanderlust on the Thames not long after launch

There was little certainty for Wanderlust’s future as we retreated to San Francisco for the 2016-2017 winter. On the repairs side, the legal dispute with the builder had frozen our ability to have the needed work done on our boat. There was no end to the dispute in sight. Indeed, if anything, the two parties had moved further apart. Continue reading

The 2016 Season

The 2016 season started with high water in Auxerre.

Towards the end of the 2015 cruising season we started to consider our 2016 route options. Though we had just cruised 2,295 km including 734 locks, there were still plenty of water in France and Europe left to explore. Indeed it seemed that 2016 was the right time to make a first foray into Belgium and Holland. We wanted to explore the north before we became too entrenched in the waterways of France. The boaters that we talked to say that it is lovely up north. We wanted to see for ourselves. Continue reading