River Saône: Lyon, Art

An homage to David Bowie by street artist Big Ben is one of our favorites.

Lyon is not France’s top destination for museum art lovers. But like all decent sized cities in France there are good art museums to visit. We liked the Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon, the municipality’s art museum.

Typically for us, the street art in Lyon was more to our liking. Croix-Rousse was our favorite area to wander and discover the art. We left the city with no doubt that there’s much more street art to discover. That’s the way it is; street art is not carefully laid out for visitors’ consumption. You often have to dig deep and explore widely to find a city’s best street art. In the process you likely discover much more about both the city and its volunteer art than you imagined.

“La Noce chez le photographe” by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

Street art in Lyon by LA based French street artist Punk Me Tender.


Some of the street artists active in Lyon can be found here.

The Navajos play a free concert at La Confluence. It’s another part of Lyon’s arts scene.

Museum art…

…street art

Bowie in situ

Lyon has been invaded by Invader.

“My feelings dance the Macarena”

Lyonnais street artists THTF are active in their home city.

Charlie Chaplin

A work by an unidentified street artist.

And sometimes you have to wonder: Is it art?

Street art has many followers.

Crows and records

A portrait

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