River Saône: Lyon, Street Scenes

Place des Jacobins

The texture of cities changes as you move through the streets. Pictures help capture the feel and vibe but they are never really enough. It’s hard to know a place if you haven’t tramped through the alleys and streets getting lost at each opportunity. Indeed, to really get the feel of the place you need to live there like a local. It may not be easy to arrange, but it is worth it if the chance presents itself.

In 2017 we spent six weeks in Lyon. It didn’t feel like we quite transitioned to living like a local, but it was our best attempt and a step in that direction. Lyon is a complex city with many faces and many places. It rewards visitors who stay longer and explore more fully.

La Croix-Rousse

Taking a plunge into the Rhône.

Tourists taking photos abound.

Lyon’s Hôtel de Ville

The fountain in Place des Jacobins

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