2018 Cruising Season

Wanderlust’s only lock of the season.

Wanderlust’s 2018 cruising season was brief. She moved under her own power just twice covering maybe a kilometer and passing through one lock. It wasn’t what we had planned, but so it goes….

In 2018 Wanderlust spent more time on the trailer being moved than cruising under her own power.

Much of the 2018 season was spent like this.

One brief cruise at the end of the season to see if the prop shaft was properly attached.

One thought on “2018 Cruising Season

  1. I hope your repairs are finished for the 2019 cruising season. You invited Ed and myself to look at Wanderlust in June 2015 while we had a le Boat rental. After that, (and being on other canal/privately owned boats) we seriously considered buying a boat in Europe. Even joined the barging association. Have followed your story. We ended up buying a place in the mountains of North Carolina (4000 ft elevation) to escape the summer heat of Florida. Luckily,we live on the water with a boat in the backyard, so that fills our water requirement. Having multiple pets, and not enjoying the flying experience anymore were factors–ha, and Ed was a pilot! Happy New Year! Sante`–(our sailboats’ name)
    PS–Doing the Royal Clipper sail from Lisbon to Rome in April/May–hitting the Balearic Islands.

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