France: Autun

Streets in Autun

With Wanderlust stuck for the foreseeable future in Saint Jean de Losne having work done we grew a bit stir crazy. Though it was essential that we were around during the week when work was being done, getting away for weekends was possible and desireable. Thus in April of 2018 we headed by rental car to Autun France for a weekend stay.

Our visit to Autun in Burgundy France was proof that the brown road signs along the French autoroutes work. We passed by the signs promoting Autun several times as we sped through the area on the north-south motorway. Repetition was the key: A visit became inevitable only after seeing the signs several times. At this point Autun seemed almost famous. How could we not visit?

Wanderlust was out of the water in April during our visit to Autun.

Autun’s cathedral

By the time we arrived for a weekend stay in Autun the personally inflicted brown sign hype had left us with unreasonably high expectations. When we arrived we found a pretty ordinary historic French town.

That’s not to say that Autun is unattractive or that its history isn’t interesting. It is both attractive and historic. It’s just that the bar in France is high. It’s hard for a commune to be truly remarkable. There’s a lot appealing interesting towns in France. The field is very competitive. Yes Autun is a cathedral city with ruins to prove its importance in Roman times. But then there are a lot of places like that in France. And each like Autun is worth visiting.

A passage couvert or covered passage in Autun

Last Judgment by Gislebertus in the west tympanum is a distinguishing feature of the cathedral.

The cathedral’s spire

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