France: Hospices de Beaune


Inside the Hospices de Beaune

Our first visit to the Hospices de Beaune or Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune, a former charity hospital founded in 1443 in Beaune France, was on a rainy day in 2010. On the day we visited in the summer of 2010 touring the inside of the hospital was a good escape from the soaking rains. The hard rains made it difficult to get a good view of the outside and the pictures I took did not do the exterior of the building justice. It was too bad. Hospices de Beaune with a distinctive Burgundy tile roof is a fine postcard-worthy example of 15th Century French architecture.

In August of 2018 with Wanderlust in Saint Jean de Losne for the foreseeable future we ventured over to revisit Hospices de Beaune. Train connections from Saint Jean to Beaune are time consuming and it is a little too far for most to bike. The best option is a thirty-minute car or taxi ride. Since we were stuck in Saint Jean we had a rental car for most of the season. It made it easy to visit Beaune.

Hospices de Beaune

Wanderlust being moved in Saint Jean de Losne

It was hot summer day when we visited Beaune; the weather was much different than during our first visit. Sadly the harsh midday sun was not perfect for taking photos of the outside of the beautiful building either. The Hospices de Beaune is one of those places that cry out for the perfect picture. We might just have to visit again to get it.

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