Return to Toul: The Leak is Fixed


If you’ve come to Barge Wanderlust expecting cheery tales of pleasant times on the inland waterways of France you might want to skip this installment. This segment focuses on the plumbing leaks and other problems Wanderlust has experienced. This unfortunate sequence of problems negatively colored our experiences in 2015. Indeed, this very upsetting course of events has colored our view on Piper Boats and on barging. Continue reading

Return to Nancy

Wanderlust finds a spot in Nancy's port.

Wanderlust finds a spot in Nancy’s port.

Leaving Strasbourg Wanderlust started on the return journey to her winter mooring in Auxerre. At first we moved quickly. But once we reached Saverne and picked up our next guests we slowed to a tourist’s pace. Our visitors, Erik and Judy, joined us as we revisited the best section of the French waterways that we enjoyed in 2015. Continue reading

Kehl Germany

A pedestrian bridge crosses the Rhine linking Strasbourg France to Kehl Germany.

A pedestrian bridge crosses the Rhine linking Strasbourg France to Kehl Germany.

Strasbourg is very bike friendly. Bike lanes cross the city and allow easy access to the suburbs. There’s one downside: At times there’s more bike traffic than car traffic. Navigating through hordes of bikes can be a serious challenge. In Strasbourg the chances of being hit by another bike seem much higher than being hit by a car. Becky and I took advantage of the extend network of bike routes to visit another country. Kehl Germany is just across the Rhine from Strasbourg. With a couple of kilometers of riding we were in Germany. Continue reading


Private boats are not allowed into Strasbourg's center but tour boats are.

Private boats are not allowed into Strasbourg’s center but tour boats are.

When Wanderlust reached Strasbourg on the 25th of August it marked the extreme of her cruising range for the 2015 season. From Strasbourg we’d travel only waterways we had been on before on our way back to our starting point in Auxerre. In this sense, Strasbourg was the destination for 2015. And as well it should have been. UNESCO World Heritage designated Strasbourg is a very interesting and photogenic city. Continue reading


Lutzelbourg viewed from the canal.

Lutzelbourg viewed from the canal.

Four locks from the bottom of the Arzviller Inclined Plane, at the base of the wooded valley floor, is the small town of Lutzelbourg. A bit French and a bit Germanic, Lutzelbourg is a romantic postcard of the Alsace. The scene along the canal near the town is straight out of a hire boat company brochure. Continue reading

Saint-Louis-Arzviller Inclined Plane

An audience watches as Wanderlust descends.

An audience watches as Wanderlust descends.

When Wanderlust reached the top of the Écluse de Réchicourt-le-Château she entered the 33 km-long summit pound of the canal de la Marne au Rhin (est). Heading west to Strasbourg and the Rhine River, she left the Sarre and Moselle drainages behind. After an overnight stop at PK 239, and a little more mopping up from the latest bilge flood, we were on our way. This day we’d pass through two more tunnels before descending on the infamous Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane. Continue reading


Wanderlust leaves Nancy

Wanderlust leaves Nancy

After a brief excursion to Luxembourg, we turned Wanderlust about and headed back up the Moselle. When Wanderlust reached the village of Pompey, we split left off the river and moved on to the eastern segment of the Canal de la Marne au Rhin. At first the landscape alongside the canal is industrial. As the waterway nears the urban center of Nancy residential housing predominates. Continue reading