Return to Toul: The Leak is Fixed


If you’ve come to Barge Wanderlust expecting cheery tales of pleasant times on the inland waterways of France you might want to skip this installment. This segment focuses on the plumbing leaks and other problems Wanderlust has experienced. This unfortunate sequence of problems negatively colored our experiences in 2015. Indeed, this very upsetting course of events has colored our view on Piper Boats and on barging. Continue reading

Return to Nancy

Wanderlust finds a spot in Nancy's port.

Wanderlust finds a spot in Nancy’s port.

Leaving Strasbourg Wanderlust started on the return journey to her winter mooring in Auxerre. At first we moved quickly. But once we reached Saverne and picked up our next guests we slowed to a tourist’s pace. Our visitors, Erik and Judy, joined us as we revisited the best section of the French waterways that we enjoyed in 2015. Continue reading


Wanderlust leaves Nancy

Wanderlust leaves Nancy

After a brief excursion to Luxembourg, we turned Wanderlust about and headed back up the Moselle. When Wanderlust reached the village of Pompey, we split left off the river and moved on to the eastern segment of the Canal de la Marne au Rhin. At first the landscape alongside the canal is industrial. As the waterway nears the urban center of Nancy residential housing predominates. Continue reading